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Class Tier List

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alyosha, Dec 14, 2019.

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  1. Alyosha

    Alyosha Balance Team Staff Member Balance Team

    Mar 9, 2017
    12:46 AM
    Dark Knight
    Time for some meaningless metrics. If I did them right then they probably won't be that controversial either.




    Single Target DPS - Might be a controversial one because my opinions are heavily based on Horntail and the damage possible while under stress(I didn't consider this to be the case for Corsairs because they tend to play to their strengths). In less stressful environments the archers and DKs improve while in more stressful environments Corsairs lose damage.

    Cleave Potential - The potential to deal a lot of damage to a lot of parts all at once. Zakum Arms, Horntail, CWKPQ bosses, and everyday mobs are considered for cleave potential.

    Training - The speed at which a person can expect to level killing various mobs.

    Low Level Bossing - Zakum/Scarlion/Pianus/Papulatus/Krexel/Ravanna and half a dozen other bosses I can't really remember. Pretty simple bosses that don't take much effort, and killing them is simple enough.

    Horntail - Probably one of the most important aspects to understanding most classes, and I'd put its importance high up there for understanding the balance between everyone.

    Neo-Tokyo - Likely the counter to Horntail, and if you feel mediocre in one then at least the other one has you covered for end game bossing. With the buffs to drops it's now more worth it than ever to kill these bosses.

    Survive-ability - How well a class can survive. Really the figure can change to anything you want it to be via HP washing, except for Dark Knights who cap at 16,500 HP when all is said and done. It's mostly based off of baseline HP/casual washing numbers.

    Party Buffs - What skills the individual classes can offer the party. SE/HS are the obvious big ones, with HB/SI also being major factors.

    Solo Play - How well a class can do on their own, without anyone buffing them and without any mules.

    Currently Buccaneers are likely the worst off out of all the classes and could likely use a major buff. I can't really name anything where a bucc is the premier choice to bring especially when mules are options anywhere now, even in Horntail. It would probably help if the delay to Barrage and Dragon Strike were taken away completely, they were lowered but it still turned out that Barrage + Dragon Strike was still better than Barrage - delay - Barrage. They also need stance that is active rather than passive and probably a small increase in damage overall to get dragged out of the mule pit.

    I think most other classes are balanced for the most part. Some shine more than others but for the most part they all have strengths and drawbacks.

    How badly did I do? Leave scathing reviews below on which classes got scammed out of letter grades.
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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