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Magician FartMagic's Fire/Poison Guide

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by ahotbanana, Jul 4, 2019.

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  1. ahotbanana

    ahotbanana Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Sep 27, 2015
    2:41 PM
    I wanted to write a guide that clarifies a few things that other guides seem to glaze over while also touching on everything I can think to mention. Do bear in mind that I’m only level 141 at the time of writing this, so I don’t know the real pros and cons of playing them past that point. If you have any questions, please do ask, as I'd like to make this guide as comprehensive as possible.

    Fire/Poison has been the most fun I’ve had with any class in MapleStory and I would really like to see more people taking them on.

    Considerations for FP
    The main strong point about FP mages, before 4th job, is that they are able to essentially 2-shot anything that they can hit. I’ll go into more detail about how this works later, but basically, poison will bring an enemy down to 1hp and then you just need to hit it again to kill it. This means that as an FP, you’re able to grind on monsters that are much higher level than you. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, you’re best off training at the highest level monster (or more accurately, the monster which gives the highest amount of exp) that you’re able to hit around 50% of the time. It also helps if that monster can’t 1-shot you.

    The other edge of this double-edged sword, however, is that FPs are the mage that benefits the most from funding. Your accuracy as a mage is increased by every 10th point of int you have. This means that a funded FP mage can start training at each new enemy sooner and thus level faster. It also means that the rather painful period between level 30 and whenever you can make a start on death teddies will be shorter for funded FP mages. This isn’t to say that an unfunded FP mage is useless, it’s just that you will need to enjoy a bit more pain before you get your orgasmic levelling speed.

    In the late-game, you will be pretty pot-hungry. I'd highly recommend any mage MP washes so that mana bulls are more cost efficient. To do this, simply put your AP from leveling up into MP, then use AP resets to take it out. You'll gain more from putting it in than you lose from taking it out. (note that it has to be AP you've got from leveling up. You don't get the same bonuses when you move a point into MP with an AP reset). You don't need to worry too much about doing this super efficiently. If you just spend whatever NX you have on MP washing, you'll hit 18,500 (which brings you to the cap of 30k with HB) quite soon into your 4th job advancement.

    Maple Island/First Job
    I would expect the vast majority of people are comfortable with this already, but I’ll go into as much detail as I can and try to touch on things you may not have considered.

    Right from the get-go, you’re going to want to roll a character with as much int as possible. I would suggest you don’t settle for any set of stats that has less than 10 int. If you want go even more hardcore, you should use AP resets to move all of your points that aren’t in int. Every time you level up, you will want to put all of your points into int. Luk is a completely pointless stat and will just lead to you not doing as much damage as you otherwise could. If you want to look pretty, NX is your friend.

    I expect everyone will have their own route through maple island. The main thing I would say is that if you’re not so funded, make sure you get a work glove from Lucas by doing the quest to defend his farm. If you’re lucky and get a yellow one, that’s a free point of INT. If you’re unlucky and get something else, you still have a non-job-specific glove you can potentially scroll and sell on.

    Once you’ve hit level 8, waste no time and head straight for Ellinia to become a magician.

    The skill order for first job is the same as usual. Put your first point into Energy Bolt so you can actually do some damage and then put all your points towards Improving Max MP Increase. Once that is maxed, max out Magic Claw and then go for Magic Guard. Any remaining points can go into whatever you want. It truly doesn’t matter at all.

    I remember one time when I was explaining the skill order to someone, they asked if there was any merit to waiting until you’ve maxed out Improved Max MP Increase before you put a point into Magic Bolt. The disappointed “oh” I got from them after I told them that it would only give them an extra 6 MP was priceless.

    Training spots are pretty normal. First off, do the quests Grendel the Really Old gives you. Once you’re done with those, you should be at the right level for green mushrooms. Do The Rememberer’s quest for these to get a nice boost to exp (comes to almost a full level for free if you do the quest early enough) at the same time as doing Arwen and Ellinia. Start to transition towards horny and zombie mushrooms and grind there from 20ish to 30, doing quests as they become available. It is worth deviating to Evil Eyes for the 99 quest, but you should find horny and zombie mushrooms to be the best exp to just grind on.
    If you’re unfunded, Kerning PQ is a good place to level up because you’re also likely to earn money there. It is, however, without any doubt, slower levelling than just grinding.

    Just for the sake of absolute clarity, here is a table showing your skill order. 3 -> Magic Claw (6) means you are assigning 3 points to Magic Claw, bringing it to a total level of 6.

    I generally consider Magic Armor to be useless, so you might as well get the passive MP recovery instead. These are largely interchangeable; those last 11 points can go wherever.

    Poison and how it works
    This is the main point that I found very lacklustre in other guides. Before I move onto skill orders or anything to do with your second job, I feel like I need to explain poison.

    When you hit an enemy with Poison Breath, you have a % chance, determined by the level of your skill, to apply a poison debuff to that enemy. This debuff will do damage over time based on your skill level and the monster’s maximum HP. If the next tick of poison would kill and enemy, the poison debuff is removed instead of the damage being applied.

    The damage each tick of poison will deal to an enemy is a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health. To work out what the percentage will be, you can use the formula 1/(70 - skill level). You get one tick of poison per second on an enemy that has the debuff. So, at level 5 poison, if you apply the poison debuff to an enemy, the debuff would do 1.537% of its health every second for 8 seconds. This translates to a total of 12.295% of its health. Not exactly useful at this stage. However, when you reach level 30 with poison, it will do 2.5% of an enemy’s health every second for 40 seconds. This comes to a total of 100% of the enemy’s health. Because the poison debuff gets removed instead of killing an enemy, you actually end up doing 97.5% of its total health. In almost every case, this means it will take only one hit, from anything, to kill the monster.

    40 seconds may seem like a long time, and to an extent, that is because it is. This doesn’t really pose much of a problem, though, as the majority of maps you’ll be training in are big and will take you more than 40 seconds to get round.

    Your general method should be to work out a circuit around the map you’re training in. It is ideal if it takes roughly 40 seconds for you to complete. On your first time round, you will want to try and poison every enemy you see. When you come back round to them, they should be 1 hit away from death. That’s right, you’re killing anything you can hit in two shots regardless of how much HP it has.

    To put this a little more into context, the most popular big enemy for a fire poison to go for early is the Death Teddy. This has 32,000 HP and gives 2600 exp. Depending on your int, you may be able to hit these reliably enough as early as level 55. This means that at level 55, you can get 1300exp per attack.

    Second Job
    Ok, so you’ve made it to level 30. Conglaturation and welcome to die!

    In all seriousness, things are going to be painful for a while. How long exactly depends on how much int you’re able to get from equips. Put your first skill point into teleport and then have a bit of a think about how you’re going to proceed otherwise. The skill order I would recommend varies based on exactly how funded you are.

    What you’ll want to do is work out what level you’re likely to be able to hit death teddies around 50% of the time. You then want to aim to max out Poison Breath just as you hit this level. How do you work out what level this will be? Well, using this handy tool at http://nekonecat.googlepages.com/magicacc.htm

    Death Teddies are level 85 and have 27 avoidability. Using that and projections of what you expect your own stats to look like at whatever level, you should be able to find a level where you can hit them roughly 50% of the time. For most people, this will happen at some point between level 55 and level 60 so try levels around there.

    Just as an example: imagine you start a level 1 character with 13 int and 4 in every other stat.

    By level 50 or so, we’ll say you’ve managed to get a total of 30 int and 16 luk from items. (zhelm + random bits and pieces of low level gear)

    Assuming you’ve put all of your points into int, you will have 233 base int at level 45.

    This brings your stats at level 45 to 263 int and 20 luk

    We can then check what our hit % will be on Death Teddies at each level from 45 to 60, which I have represented in this table:


    For this hypothetical person, I would recommend they aim to max out poison for level 57. This means they need to start raising it at level 48.

    Potential skill orders – deciding what to go for
    There are only three skills I would consider essential to max out for an FP. These are:

    Poison Breath

    Poison Breath is your main attack. I would hope this is obvious at this point.

    Meditation is basically just free damage. It isn’t that noticeable but it can make a significant enough difference.

    The mobility from Teleport is just really useful to have. The high MP cost of it early on means maxing it is very desirable.

    The other three skills, Slow, MP Eater and Fire Arrow are very much optional in my opinion.

    Other guides say that Slow is essential, but on the two occasions I cast it, I found it actually hindered my ability to grind.

    MP Eater is a nice passive, but the MP you’ll be getting back from it is such a negligible amount that it almost doesn’t matter

    Fire arrow is nice to grind through the early levels, but is actually less good than magic claw once you start using poison. The logic for this is that if you only have a 50% chance to hit and one hit from anything will kill a monster, you want to use the skill that hits twice.

    To sum up, you want to:

    Max Poison Breath on or before the level where you can hit Death Teddies 50% of the time.
    Max Meditation
    Max Teleport
    Spend the rest of your points on whatever, it really doesn’t matter.

    Here are some potential skill orders.

    3 -> Teleport (4) means you put 3 points into teleport, bringing it to a total of 4.

    This first table assumes you have enough int that you can grind at Death Teddies from level 55. If I had to restart my character from level 1 again, but I got to keep my equips, this is probably the route I would take.


    Yes, I consider Slow to be so useless that I would prioritise Magic Armor over it. The only reason I put points into it is because you need to have 0 SP to make your job advancement. Doing it this way does mean that you’ll have a bit of a rough time going from level 30 up to level 55. I recommend getting Teleport kind of early (though not necessarily this early) as it’s going to be a major drain on your MP.

    If you want to level a bit more quickly from 30-55, I’d recommend this order, although it does essentially waste 30 SP on Fire Arrow. I’d recommend this more if you’re less funded, so I’m assuming for this table that you won’t be able to grind Death Teddies until level 60.


    I really don’t know what to suggest you put that final point into. You do need to spend it to do your job advancement, though, so if you’re not putting it in Slow, put it in something.

    Please note that these are really just advisory. One of the nice things about being an FP is that a lot of permutations of skill order can work equally well. For example, in the first one, you may wish to raise Meditation first instead of Teleport. That works too and may even be a little better if it tips you over from two-shotting something into one-shotting it. There are also some things to consider other than how quickly you’ll level:

    · Even if it’s inefficient for you, you may have more fun by raising Fire Arrow early and getting a new attack. If it means that levelling up is more satisfying, you could easily level up faster this way just because it feels like less of a chore to put the effort in.

    · Because poison doesn’t work against bosses, you will actually have an easier time in the third job advancement if you take a path that involves maxing out Fire Arrow.

    · If you have a friend who you play with, you may wish to make different choices to synergise better with them instead of mainlining a solo build.

    Where to train and when
    This is very variable and depends on so many factors I can’t predict. Please do note that this is all rule of thumb and that if something else works better for you, then you should do that instead of what I say.

    Level 30-40
    Once you’ve made the job advancement, I would suggest you head straight to Ludibrium. Once you’ve advanced, head to the right and take the boat to Osyrria. Once you arrive, head to the right and go to the platform that leads to Ludibrium.

    Head into the centre of town and find the massive tower in the middle of it. On top of a slide, here, you can press up to be taken to the main Teddy map. These will be the best exp for a while, probably all the way up to level 40. You might find that at times, you’re a little more efficient grinding on Panda Teddies which are a couple of maps away. You may also find that you’re more efficient heading a couple of maps to the left to fight exclusively Pink Teddies instead of a mix of Pink and Brown Teddies.

    I suggest you experiment and find what is best for you. You’re still at a level where levelling is fast enough that you don’t really need to be super efficient about it, so you can afford to waste a bit of time wandering around and looking for good spots.

    Level 40-50
    Platoon Chronos and Master Chronos will be good to grind at and will make you some money. It would also be useful to try and stay in ludi, especially if you’re relatively high int and will be starting on Death Teddies in the earlier 5x levels. To get to them, go through the door in the middle of the teddy map, and keep going down until you get to the map with only tick tocks (and no ticks). To the right of this map is the better map for Master Chronos. To the left of this map and the previous one, you can find Platoon Chronos, which are lower level.

    Level 50-60
    This is where things start getting variable. At some point, you will want to head to Death Teddies. I’d say until you’re at whatever level you will need to be for Death Teddies, you’ll want to stick to Master Chronos. There is also the option of grinding at Drakes for these levels if you expect to head to Death Teddies relatively late. They drop helmet int 60% scrolls, which are worth about 10m a piece.

    Instead of Death Teddies, you have the option of going to Stormbreakers in Crimsonwood. These will give you roughly the same chance to hit them as Death Teddies, give more exp per kill and drop overall int 60% scrolls. The downside is that they're in the middle of nowhere (as far as you're concerned) and that you need to go through a jump quest to get to them... multiple times if you're training there long enough. Choose whichever you prefer, really, there are no wrong answers.

    Level 60-70
    Use the accuracy calculator to find which monsters are best for you to grind on. Most of the good choices are found nearby to Death Teddies, so that makes life easier. You’ll continue to grind in this general area until you’re around level 90ish.

    Third job
    Are you ready for just about everything you spent the past 40 levels pouring points into to become completely redundant? Hell yeah!

    Skill Order
    Put your first point into explosion so you can finish off up to six enemies at once. After that, go into poison mist. Then, max explosion to boost its range. After that, go for Spell Booster so you can spell a bit more boostedly. It's worth noting that this will only affect explosion at this stage. That’s the last of skills that will actually be useful for this job advancement, but Partial Resistance and Element Amplification will be nice to have 120+. Element Amplification makes your spells cost more to cast, so it’s better to raise it second (or even save the points for it and spend them only at 120). I’ve never found Seal to be useful, but it seems better than slow and you need to spend your points somewhere, so dump your points into that. If you can think of a better use for them, go bananas.


    Where to train and when
    Level 70-90
    This is kind of variable based on your stats, but for the most part, you should be following the same rule as at third job. Find something you can hit reasonably often. The 50% rule is less important when you’ve got poison mist since it lingers and attempts to poison enemies again if it fails (I believe it tries once per second if a monster is standing in the mist).

    Around level 90ish, depending on gear, you should be able to take on skeles. It will be dangerous at first, but it’s well worth the exp. If you don’t have your own HS mule, you should be able to find a priest to grind with here quite easily, since you’re essentially 2 hit leeching them in exchange for HS.

    Alternatively, you should be able to grind at Shaolin 5-6. These hit less hard than skeles and the map is easier to navigate. I never trained here myself, so it's hard for me to make much of a comparison.

    Fourth job
    Ooooooh boy. This is what it’s all been about. You’ve managed to reach 4th job and are now eligible to get the ultimate power that is meteor shower. There are endless guides out there on the quest to get Meteor 10. Meteor 20 and 30 can be purchased from the FM for basically nothing. When I bought Meteor 20, it was 400k. When I bought Meteor 30, it was about 5m. As far as 4th job skill books go, at least when it comes to primary attacks, this is pretty much as cheap as they come. Kind of odd considering it's technically the highest damage skill in the game.

    Skill Order
    I’m not going to write up a specific table for this, because you won’t necessarily have access to every skill in order to raise it. Some skills require quests that while not difficult to do, take organising people to work with you. Others will require you to spend a fair bit of money on skill books, which you won't necessarily have. Instead, I will try to help you think about how you want to prioritise different skills.

    Meteor Shower is your main attack, so you should be maxing this out as soon as you possibly can. It hits 15 enemies for huge damage. If you assume it hits 15 enemies, each cast of meteor shower does more damage than any other skill in the game.

    Maple Warrior boosts your int and gives you more damage. You can get this to level 10 for free by talking to the 4th job instructor. Maple Warrior 20 is incredibly expensive, however. If you have the money for it, raising this to 20 will be a pretty significant boost to your damage with Meteor Shower. The skillbook for level 30 is dropped by Pink Bean, which isn’t in MapleLegends at the time of writing this guide.

    Infinity is great for saving pots, which makes it pretty useful if you want to sell leech and maximise your profit. It isn’t really necessary at any stage, though. You can live without it.

    Paralyze is your primary single target DPS skill. It’s useful if you want to kill bosses, but not really any good for anything else. As an FP, you aren’t really a bossing class so I wouldn't prioritise this.

    Big Bang is completely useless. Don’t.

    I’m below the level where I would be taking Mana Reflection, so I can’t attest to its usefulness. From its description it seems pretty good for bosses that do a lot of magic damage, though.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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