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How to reach 442 accuracy as a warrior

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Precel, May 19, 2019.

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  1. Precel

    Precel Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Nov 13, 2018
    7:47 PM
    This was originally written by AlyoshaAlyosha on Discord.
    Reformatted and uploaded by yours truly with permission from AlyoshaAlyosha.

    Why do you want 442 accuracy?
    As a warrior, you normally don't need this much accuracy.
    The only reason why you would want this much accuracy is if you're trying to kill The Boss.
    442 accuracy is required to hit The Boss 100% of the time.
    You can calculate accuracy required yourself with the Accuracy Calculator.

    What gives accuracy?
    1 DEX gives 0.8 accuracy for Warriors
    1 LUK gives 0.5 accuracy for Warriors
    source: Ayumilove
    Plus some skills, potions, and equips may provide accuracy.

    Maple Pop: 100 accuracy
    Sky Ski with accuracy scrolls: 44 accuracy
    Monster Book Ring <Tier 10>: 13 accuracy
    Helm with accuracy scrolls: 63 accuracy
    Overall with DEX scrolls: 34 accuracy
    Gloves with accuracy scrolls: 26 accuracy
    Mastery skill: 20 accuracy
    Sad Mask with DEX scrolls: 16 accuracy
    Horntail Necklace after scrolled: 29 accuracy
    Earrings with DEX scrolls: 9 accuracy
    Shoes with accuracy scrolls: 12 accuracy
    Total = 397 accuracy
    Add some base DEX and consider other rings to get to 442 accuracy.

    Additional/situational accuracy
    GM buff gives 100 accuracy (Thank you KirisameKirisame for reminding me about GM buffs)

    Beholder gives some accuracy if you're Dark Knight (Thank you akashskyakashsky and MrPresidentMrPresident for Beholder information)
    - Level 20 Beholder = 20 accuracy
    - Level 25 Beholder = 25 accuracy

    Bless gives 20 accuracy at max level, if you have a cleric in your party.

    The first thing you will need to do is farm tons of Maple Pops from Nightmare, Glutton Ghoul, and Glutton Ghoul.
    Maple Pops give you 100 accuracy for 1 minute.
    Remaining accuracy: 342

    You can also scroll a weapon for accuracy, preferably one that starts with some accuracy like a Sky Ski.
    Let's assume you have Sky Ski with 11 accuracy.
    Using spear accuracy scrolls, you pass 2 30% and 4 70%.
    This will bring the Ski's stats to 33 accuracy/14 DEX.
    Overall that's 44 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 298

    Monster Book Ring <Tier 10> is pretty solid for accuracy.
    10 DEX and 10 LUK gives a total of 13 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 285

    Scrolling accuracy for helm will provide a chunk of accuracy.
    AlyoshaAlyosha's Zakum Helmet has 27 DEX, 15 LUK, and 34 accuracy, which is scrolled with 8 helm for accuracy 70%.
    Tip: Helm for accuracy 70% give 2.8 accuracy rather than the helm for dex's 1.6.
    Let's assume you have similar helmet, you will get 63 accuracy from Zakum Helmet.
    Remaining accuracy: 222

    You can get an overall and scroll it for dex, preferably one that already has DEX and accuracy like a Green Battle Road.
    Let's assume you have a clean Green Battle Road with 5 DEX and 2 accuracy.
    Pass 2 30%s and 6 70%s on that and you have 27 DEX 13 accuracy overall.
    That gives total of 34 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 188

    Gloves can give quite a bit of accuracy as well.
    If you're nuts you can go for a Flamekeeper Cordon, they start with 20 accuracy on average (18-22).
    More generally, you would scroll a Brown Work Gloves for accuracy.
    Pass 2 30%s and 4 70%s and you have a 10 DEX 18 accuracy glove.
    You will get a total of 26 accuracy from those.
    Remaining accuracy: 162

    Mastery skill gives 20 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 142

    Get a Sad Mask and scroll it for DEX.
    7 DEX and 11 accuracy will give you 16 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 126

    23 DEX/23 LUK Horntail Necklace gives about 29 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 97

    Let's assume you can get a 12 DEX earrings.
    The earrings would give 9 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 88

    You can scroll shoes for accuracy.
    3 dex and 10 accuracy is doable for 12 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 76

    You can scroll a 16 accuracy Raccoon Mask/White Raccoon Mask.
    Remaining accuracy: 60

    Scroll a Crimsonheart Cloak for DEX
    Let's assume you get 16 DEX/4 LUK, which gives a total of 15 accuracy.
    Remaining accuracy: 45

    Have some base DEX and some random rings (56 DEX needed).
    Remaining accuracy: 0

    You now have 442 accuracy! SeemsGood

    The items used in detail are assumed to be moderately doable to get.
    The whole guide is based on AlyoshaAlyosha's predictions and knowledge.
    You can still kill The Boss with lower accuracy. You will just miss every now and then, depending on your accuracy.
    If there is an incorrect/unrealistic information, please let me know :heart:
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
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