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Anniversary Patch Notes: May 22, 2020

Discussion in 'Update Notes' started by Kimberly, May 23, 2020.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    9:37 PM
    Moderator Post
    With the Anniversary Patch comes quite a bit of change. Some balancing ones too, so prepare your pitchforks.

    Some changes may be forgotten and get added later.

    Login Changes:

    - Bugs that made the 'Highly Populated' tag no longer appear has been fixed.
    - An 8th Channel has been added.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Multiple implementations added that hopefully fix 'permanent debuff' and 'wrong position' res bugs. Please let us know if it still occurs.
    - Trading one of a kind items now properly fails, instead of trading the item and it disappearing.
    - Zombie Ring expiry date corrected to June 4th, 2020.

    General Changes:
    - Each unique person can now only enter a boss battle on 1 character at a time (applies to Zak, HT, and Scar only - for now)*
    - There is now a 1-minute cooldown between each megaphone usage. Please be thoughtful before using megaphones; not for conversations, and especially not for calling out users or general beef.
    - Bartol, in "Nautilus: Mid Floor - Hallway", will now sell Warp Cards, to quickly travel between Nautilus Harbor and Omega Sector, after you have completed his "Bartol's Request" quest.
    - All current Witch's Special Stew's in the server has received an expiration of 6 months starting now.
    - Weather buffs (eg. party bears) adjusted to 12 wa / 15 ma for 10 minutes.
    - Victoria's Amorian Baskets can now stack up to 5 per slot.
    - Ciders can now stack up to 5 per slot.
    - Triangular Sushi made purchasable at Ishirasu in Ninja Castle.
    - Diamond Arrows can now stack up to 2000 per slot (up from 1000).
    - Bjorn Cash Mount has been removed due to map crash problems. Everyone that had one (60 users) has been refunded.
    - Umi needs money questline is now 1m mesos instead of 5m.
    - When using !mapowner command in a map not owned by anyone, the minimum level for ownership claiming will be displayed. It will appear red if you're unable to gain ownership, or blue if you're able to.
    - A complete overhaul of the /find command. Now you can find people cross-channel without being on their channel, and more.
    - A complete overhaul of the saving/database system for performance improvements.

    Skill Changes:
    [Assassin - Critical Throw] success rate: 50% >>> 25%, critical damage: 200% >>> 350% (buff to SE-less damage).
    [Hermit - Alchemist] bonus duration: 150% >>> 125%.
    [Chief Bandit - Assaulter] delay between uses: 600ms >>> 300ms.
    [Shadower - Assassinate] corrected damage values before level 30.

    [Bishop - Resurrection] casting the skill without affecting any player will now put it on 10 seconds cooldown, rather than the full duration.

    [Sniper - Strafe] damage per arrow: 110% >>> 75%, number of hits: 4 >>> 5 (won't affect Hunter's Strafe).
    [Marksman - Marksman Boost] mastery: 90% >>> 95%, weapon attack: +10 >>> +15.
    [Bowmaster - Concentrate] reverted to 6 minutes cooldown and 240 seconds duration.

    [Gunslinger - Recoil Shot] delay between uses: 2 seconds >>> 1 second.
    [Corsair - Battleship Cannon] damage: 380% >>> 400%.

    See https://forum.maplelegends.com/index.php?threads/anniversary-2020-skill-changes-explained.30321/ for more info~

    Mob Changes:
    - Mobs in Neo Tokyo now drop mesos.
    - Mobs in Neo Tokyo have a noticeably higher chance to drop crafting materials and other drops.
    - Debuff duration and chance reduced for Neo Tokyo mobs and Dukus.
    - Increased drop rate of equips and card from Krexel.
    - Change Krexel mobs spawning from Dark Wyverns to Dukus.
    - Bugfix for Horntail attacks not being map-wide.
    - Anti-botting mobs now are level 10 so they no longer affect the mapowner level rule.

    *Probably the most impacting change is the multiclient check at bosses. For now, it's experimental, so it may get reverted. Users as much as ourselves have noticed the increase meta of users using multiple mule characters, or even main characters to get inside bosses, and the number is getting higher and higher.

    This is a problem we also noticed at the top server: Users getting less and less accepted into boss battles because they have their own character and slot already filled. With the massive user increase, we feel that having the server boss runs stamped with mules is not healthy for the server, now, and in the long run.

    By blocking multiple characters from the same person getting inside boss battles we hope users, especially newer ones, get more accepted into runs again, since their slot is more appreciated again, and needed. We are completely aware we have very dedicated users around that dedicated a new mule just for this purpose, but even with this change we feel those do not go in waste, since they can still enter runs without their main character, or PQ runs (eg. CWKPQ remains untouched).

    We'll carefully observe the changes and see if tweaks or improvements need to be made, and if the change is for the better or worse.

    Before I end this I want to get it out of the way, quickly, that the recent feedback thread about this very same topic is NOT the reason this change has been made. It was purely coincidence, and we already had this change prepared. We thank you for understanding and appreciate if you let us observe the changes without immediately going on an insane rampage.
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