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Notice [Feedback Thread] Halloween Event 2022

Discussion in 'Events' started by Ariami, Dec 5, 2022.

  1. Ariami

    Ariami Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Aug 26, 2020
    5:25 AM
    Now that our Halloween Event has concluded, we would love to gather feedback from our playerbase regarding what you liked/disliked about this past Event.

    Here are a couple of talking points if you are not sure where to start:
    • Masked Man's Party
      • Questline
        • Did you enjoy the questline overall?
        • Were the rewards from the questline useful and/or worth the effort of completing the questline?
      • Pumpkin PQ and Butler PQ
        • Were these party quests enjoyable?
        • Did you find the rewards for these two PQs satisfactory?
    • Raffle
      • Selection of Mobs/Bosses
        • Were there any Mobs/Bosses you found difficulty completing? If so, please explain why.
        • Do you enjoy this system of Raffling? Are there any changes you would like to see?
      • Raffle Rewards
        • Were the rewards from the Raffle satisfactory?
        • Did the Raffle Rates seem fair to you?

    • Event Duration
    • Event Announcement
    • Other comments/suggestions/concerns?

    As always, please keep the discussion civil

    We appreciate everyone's involvement in contributing to these feedback posts, as they are extensively read through by the Staff to create better content for future events and updates.
    Your feedback, both positive and negative, are greatly valued by our Staff, and while not every suggestion can be implemented, we always look forward to listening directly to our player base so that we can improve our server for everyone!

    Thank you all for being part of the event, we hope you had a spooktacular time.
    Happy Mapling :heart:
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  2. iPippy

    iPippy Nightshadow

    May 19, 2019
    5:25 AM
    Reserving slot for post to bash butler pq when less lazy (read: maybe never) :cool:
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  3. Eighty

    Eighty Windraider

    Jun 19, 2018
    3:10 PM
    I only did the raffles.

    Not big of a deal but I wish it was written somewhere that lower level characters have bad rewards. I am glad there is some mechanism to nerf raffle mules but a little transparency would have been nice.

    As usual I thought the cosmetics were priced really fairly. I wish the weapons could have their jump animations removed or reduced.

    The Halloween points drop rate felt so much generous than previous events and I liked that. (Though the last time I actively farmed points was about two years ago)

    The free teleports back to Haunted House was lovely and much appreciated.
    Could we also please remove wooden fish from the monster list?

    As a casual player, I couldn’t be bothered to seek people to do the PQ with and missed out on an exclusive chair.
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  4. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Horntail

    Jun 16, 2021
    Rio grande do Sul - BR
    6:25 AM
    I only did the ring +3, str mask and the raffle on 2 and sometimes 3 char, i will talk one by one

    I liked the idea to farm points bossing (sadly or no depend of the view point, the points only use to cosmetic after the ring)

    I loved the idea of masks/ side quests, much fun to do diferent quests room based.

    I did raffle on 2 char everyday and some days on 3rd char, the idea to get a use that moves you to raffle area is very nice, save alot time! as raffle prize i am the man who always make some money but only with average prize (got 2 p2 and 3 puac 8 tma as my higher prize)
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  5. fartsy

    fartsy Zakum

    Jun 29, 2017
    4:25 AM
    F/P Wizard
    no more free smegas
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  6. -ovv

    -ovv Horntail

    Feb 23, 2020
    2:25 AM
    Events have felt more and more solo play oriented over the years. Not sure if it's due to event balance being nitpicked and tweaked each time to put a cap on excessive exploitation, but for some reason it just feels like there is not much to do outside of raffles.

    Raffles are all we really get now a days, and as people settle on optimized strategies, the community aspect of things like bossing for raffles disappeared quickly. It's far easier and faster to swap over to the daily 100 kills instead of coordinating a degenerate 30-man run.

    The other area of event content we're seeing recycled is the weekly NPC hunts (Weekly Christmas Present/Pendant Upgrade, MMF NPC hunt, etc), but they're basically the same thing just dressed up differently.

    To be fair, Halloween events have usually been pretty straightforward and one-dimensional, but my criticisms can apply for the events going back to Halloween/Christmas event in early 2022. In the past year, we have not had any JQs (unless you count MMF as one...), no quizzes, no golden egg hunting, no snowman/puff daddy, no ETC collection, no %/event discords, etc. Event rewards have shifted so that anything farmable is now only cosmetic and points earned are basically useless after you farm your event ring/equip. We even lost golden gach this past anniversary so things like card hunting during anni event got a nerf.

    The haunted mansion questline was cute and I did it on one character just to try it out, but there was really little appeal for repeating content on other accounts.

    One commendation I would like to add though is the separation of balance changes/tweaks and event release. By separating things out, I felt much less overwhelmed by changes coming all at once.
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  7. Gurk

    Gurk Headless Horseman

    Mar 9, 2020
    2:25 AM
    Hero, Bishop, Marksman, Shadower, Buccaneer, Corsair
    • Masked Man's Party
      • Questline
        • Did you enjoy the questline overall?
        • Were the rewards from the questline useful and/or worth the effort of completing the questline?
          • I thought the presentation and use of mechanics not originally available in v62 were neat, but felt that the payoff for completing the whole questline was very underwhelming. I did all of it once on one character and then only did the respective mini questlines needed for the specific mask I wanted for each of my other characters.
          • I also felt that the questline ended rather abruptly. When it ended, I had no clue that I had finished it and nor did I know where to go for the Butler PQ afterward (I still don't).
      • Pumpkin PQ and Butler PQ
        • Were these party quests enjoyable?
        • Did you find the rewards for these two PQs satisfactory?
          • The Pumpkin PQ was not particularly enjoyable as it really just consisted of equipping a long weapon to deal with jank hitboxes.
          • I did not do the Butler PQ because finding people ended up proving difficult. I also did not particularly care for the hat (would have been nice if it were NX instead) and chair reward, and from secondhand reports the nx & ore rewards for completing the PQ seemed highly mediocre for the time it took. I wish the incentive for doing it was greater as it felt like what was supposed to be a core part of the event ended up being largely ignored.
          • I leave the rest of the bashing to the Pip.
    • Raffle
      • Selection of Mobs/Bosses
        • Were there any Mobs/Bosses you found difficulty completing? If so, please explain why.
          • For mobs, Jr. Newtie was pretty awful to do because of the map/terrain (made worse by the auto aggro nature of the mobs and their ranged attack), the small amount of them present and the transforming ones you had to deal. Cold Shark was also unpleasant in that you not only had to travel far for them, they were also a bit sparse in the map (present only in the bottom half of the map) and you had to deal with frequent dispels while dealing with the surrounding Sharks. If the sharks have to stay, the experience could perhaps be slightly bettered if it was the regular Sharks you needed to kill instead.
          • For bosses, the existence of Toad and BGA being in the boss selection felt pointless and were always an auto skip because of how difficult it is to get a group going for them, especially BGA which is rather notorious for its strict party comp requirement and for how rarely it is run.
        • Do you enjoy this system of Raffling? Are there any changes you would like to see?
          • I think the current system of raffling is fine. Maybe it would have been neat if there had been a way to incorporate the Butler PQ into it to incentivize doing the questline and the PQ.
          • Would also be great if one didn't have to forfeit the quest in order to check what's behind door #2, perhaps something akin to the dialogue options for the bounty hunter quests where the name of the boss/mob would be shown in the two blue text options.
      • Raffle Rewards
        • Were the rewards from the Raffle satisfactory?
        • Did the Raffle Rates seem fair to you?
          • The rewards and rates seemed very fair; there seemed to be much less junk compared to the Summer raffle. Was just a shame that we had to continue in the tradition of event chairs being accidentally left untradeable, which technically hurt the raffle value as they couldn't be sold for higher prices earlier in the event.
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  8. UnknownCode

    UnknownCode Nightshadow

    Jun 6, 2021
    2:25 AM
    Islander, Bishop, Bandit
    Well, to creep it real..
    Pumpkin PQ seemed pretty lackluster I think it would have been a bit more enjoyable to have them drop from the monsters in the Haunted House as a "quest item".

    Butler PQ was actually quite fun and I absolutely loved the quests to unlock it, I hope Sophilia can finally be happy.
    The rewards for completing Butler PQ were quite unique and eerie-sistible, we were always able to get NX or special candies.. (Err.. heh.. issok) the Masked Man Hat and Skull Cube Chair were amazing, the hat helped equip some gear.

    Raffle for me wasn't really that ah-peeling to make me witch and famous.. to sponsor some newbies, that yellow line never came.. but issok, raffles just aren't my take.

    The event announcement was ahh-right, I really liked the option for Toth hair and the button eyes, witch gave Coraline or Six from Little Nightmares vibes with my NX.
    In the movie the "other mother" gave the option for pink button eyes.

    The duration of the event was fine fangs for the eek-tastic memories, staff until the next event.
  9. Amyst

    Amyst Slime

    Oct 31, 2020
    5:25 AM
    Night Lord
    Masked Man's Party
    I liked this questline. I did it mostly for the lore, not the masks. I was very amused watching the people who don't read their quests carefully get confused and lost on what to do next.

    Pumpkin PQ
    At first, I thought the 1-day helmet reward acted as a costume - owning it allowed you to please the guard and re-enter for free. That turned out not to be the case. He always lets you in without redoing the cat quest (which is repeatable for reason O_O) so overall, this was just Butler PQ waiting room for me.

    Butler PQ
    This was new and fun to try. I'm really glad I did it in the first few days though as the repeatable rewards weren't appealing at all. I didn't need the ores, and some people wouldn't need the NX either. I found pleasant people willing to stay an extra round or two so everyone had their chair but I don't know anyone going back afterwards.

    Another Note: I was never notified about when this PQ started being available to me. Could've missed it completely if no one talked about it.


    Raffles resetting daily is amazing compared to 20 hrs. When I log in, I no longer felt pressured to raffle immediately to start the timer. I could join some content or check on my store first.

    Idk how common this opinion is, but overall, daily raffles make me play less than non-event season. It was especially noticeable this time when the raffle spot wasn't universally accessible.
    Case #1: If I had 1 hr left in the day, I wasn't going to travel to a map to card hunt for 15 mins just to teleport back to the Haunted House the next day. I just logged off.
    Case #2: With no flexibility to catch up on missed raffles, I say no to content when I have only enough time to fit in the raffle. Alternatively, someone else says no to me trying to host because they have to raffle NOW. No replacement can be found, and everyone logs off or afks.

    I did not try hard enough to comment on the rates.
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  10. beegoratto

    beegoratto Zakum

    Sep 22, 2021
    2:25 AM
    I cannot stress enough how good of a change making raffles reset at reset was. Please PLEASE keep this function in for future raffles. There was no pressure to do the raffle ASAP after the 20 hour window was up, and it was much more forgiving to miss a day and make it up on the next. It was also easier to keep track of instead of trying to remember when the last raffle was completed especially when away from the raffle NPC or even offline.

    Agree with GurkGurk on BGA and Toad being a waste of time. There is currently no incentive to choose either of those over the 100 Monster option and will likely remain as such until the time to complete those two bosses is addressed. There’s a difference between “some options that are worse than others” and “two options that are pretty much never worth taking.” Also while we’re at it, would be nice to add NT2 bosses D2 and CB to the boss pool for 171+ and 173+ respectively.

    Cant comment on BPQ because the chair looked ugly and everyone said BPQ was a waste of time so I just didn’t bother.

    Raffle chairs were dope btw shame they released as untradable (yes I know this will be fixed)
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  11. TonyDaquore

    TonyDaquore Orange Mushroom

    Nov 2, 2017
    11:25 AM
    I only did the questline, so I want to talk about that.
    I liked the questline a lot, also with the new mechanics. I hope these will be implemented more often and maybe open new opportunities for (re-)making (nostalgic/new) questlines. There was a lot of variety inside the quests which also made it more fun.
    However, like what some other people also mentioned here, the questline ended quite abruptly. I had to look into the event guide someone made on the forum to find out that I was suddenly done and I could start with the Butler PQ.

    The rewards of the questline were fine in my opinion, especially if you realize that this is only an event questline where the reward is the same for everyone, while the level of the whole questline is as well. Moreover, the efforts to finish the questline were not that hard at all, so a temporary face accessory with good stats + a PQ to do afterwards is fine IMO.

    I hope this won't be the last time that things like this will be made, because I enjoyed it very much. Thanks staff!
  12. Krythan

    Krythan Headless Horseman

    Sep 2, 2022
    5:25 AM
    Raffle - I enjoyed the Anniversary raffle more. I'm not sure if it was a different monster pool, or I was unlucky, but I had a better time hunting the monsters at the last event... many of these new kill 100's were just annoying to travel do.

    NLC - My #1 issue with this event was having to travel back from NLC. Quite often I found myself not wanting to deal with the hassle and just skipping a daily raffle.
  13. creative

    creative Capt. Latanica

    Nov 2, 2019
    5:25 AM
    The Halloween event was enjoyable for sure even though I only did raffles.

    Were there any Mobs/Bosses you found difficulty completing? If so, please explain why.
    I would say there were a few that I found a bit difficult to complete. On my Bowmaster I had to kill Mini Bronze Statues and Wooden Fishes in 1-2 F. These have 135k HP and I'm hitting under ~6k, so it took a while. Next raffle, I may write down what mobs I kill for each character and see how hard it is.

    Do you enjoy this system of Raffling? Are there any changes you would like to see?
    I do enjoy the system actually. Some days I can wake up and do raffles for a little bit before I get my day started. Other times, I do it before I head to bed. I don't think there's anything I'd change about it.

    Were the rewards from the Raffle satisfactory?
    Even though I didn't get a WS/CS, yes. However I did get a lot of MP 1/2/3 which is cool.

    Did the Raffle Rates seem fair to you?
    Yes, they did.

    Event duration and announcement was good. Wouldn't change anything else. Great event!

    You can view my raffle stats here. It's a little rough in some parts, but should make sense hopefully. If anyone has any questions for me, please ask!
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  14. CaptainNemo

    CaptainNemo Slimy

    Oct 3, 2017
    2:25 AM
    Only weigh in: everything being locked behind raffle felt bad, and level locking items out even further felt bad. Lack of Pumpkin Lantern/Baskets/Spears feelsbadman. Being forced to NLC to claim raffle then be forced to ride the train from hell is omegafeelsbadman.

    The questline was tedious, but not bad.

    Please include the Pumpkin Lantern next year. MapleF10:thumbsup:
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  15. Chris

    Chris Zakum Retired Staff

    Jan 18, 2016
    Maple Island
    5:25 AM
    RaffleMuleStory is absolutely horrendous & that’s all I have to say about that. - Forrest Gump
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  16. Log

    Log Orange Mushroom

    Dec 11, 2018
    5:25 AM
    1. PUMPKIN COIN: The pumpkin coin drop item was frustratingly easy to miss when dropped. I would've liked to see a larger item, uniquely colored item, gachapon ticket/nx card magic swirl around the coin, or somehow always showing the coin in the foreground over other etc drops when on the ground. The pumpkin coin was exactly the same orange as the Orange Mushroom Cap and Shroom mob causing it to easily get lost behind the plethora of etc dropped during coin farm. This was especially frustrating at the commonly used coin farm spots such as HHG2, PP1, etc.

    2. ITEM EXPIRATION: Whats the deal with the item expiration dates? The dates feel arbitrary... Why do I have items lasting longer than others? Due to their power or features? I'd like to see more consistency in the duration of items. These expiring items almost create a game within the game, changing the dynamic of how some players build new characters or what monsters are farmed to push a skill/stat that isn't normally pushed due to the need to satisfy a more important stat that is now being satisfied by event gears.

    3. RAFFLE RESET - GOOD CHANGE: Making raffles reset at server reset rather than a 20 hour cool down. I feel this resulted in more participation in raffles and I didn't suffer from FOMO when the sweaties were tracking their raffles down to the second. I felt this evened the playing field and made the raffling a little more fair.

    4. bred event
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  17. Dimez

    Dimez Stone Golem

    Apr 6, 2020
    5:25 AM
    Had fun thank you. Was nice having the Halloween free market again.
  18. bienfu

    bienfu Pac Pinky

    Aug 14, 2022
    2:25 AM
    I don't understand the point of giving out event items with slots if they expire.

    Also, a bit unrelated. Another event that gives out prestigious coins. Yet the coins did not deflate in value at all.
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  19. lv1crook

    lv1crook Capt. Latanica

    Jan 19, 2021
    2:25 AM
    My opinion of the event was, it was okay. If events are always gonna be this short from here on out, I hope they are actually on time or at least a couple more in the year.

    The little questline with the haunted mansion and butler PQ was cool and all, but I didn’t even end up finishing it because after talking with friends I realized all the rewards (besides chair) were basically worthless even for a low level character. So I only ended up doing raffles sparingly and mostly event point hunting. Definitely a huge step down in value compared to MMF.

    As for event point hunting, I feel like grinding and APQ could have used an improvement, considering how easy it was to get points from LPQ and OPQ when I was doing it on a mule. Those PQs were kinda OP for points, but I think that’s not a bad thing because the event was so short.

    Raffle system still sucks, but I think I’m starting to sound like a broken record here. But hey it’s the truth. It’s been over a year now since the new raffle system, surely it can use a second look by now.

    Also regarding the raffle, the use of 2 NPCs was confusing and I would not recommend it again. Since there was no quest bubble and 2 NPCs I lost a couple raffles the first few days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong since I would click on the wheel and it didn’t show any option for raffling, only the rewards (which is what you expect to see if you have no raffle for the day in previous events). Not very intuitive.

    Good cosmetics this time, as always. Whoever is choosing cosmetics is the GOAT.

    Honestly if Christmas or other events is expected to be on the same par as this one id be disappointed. Shorter isn’t necessarily worse, but there needs to be better rewards for the event content.
  20. Endorphinss

    Endorphinss Pac Pinky

    Jul 28, 2021
    12:25 PM
    raffle rates are extremely low and non rewarding, feels almost like a waste of time doing.
    figuring out only at the end of the event that under level 120 you cant get decent prices was so much fun to realize after spending alot of time doing it in low level chars.
    the only event i remember actually getting decent items was last summer event with fishing system. almost as if that system was so much more time consuming
    than current raffles that you felt it should be rewarded better. since then im getting pretty much nothing from these raffles and it feels like a burden to do

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