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HTPQ guide

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by Taetahrik, Apr 17, 2021.

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  1. Taetahrik

    Taetahrik Blue Snail

    Nov 11, 2020
    12:04 AM
    This guide is for newly-advanced bishops looking to get life root to obtain Genesis, or HT runners looking out for a Certificate of the Dragon Squad, or anyone else interested in selling HTPQ service in the future for easy money.

    To be eligible for HTPQ, you'll need to be in a full party (that means heading in with 6 characters), so its best not to enter the cave if you don't have enough players yet.

    Also, remember to start your respective quests for Genesis and Badge of a squad member before entering the cave! If not, you will have to repeat the pre-quest for another dragon elixir after leaving the cave to get the quest started!

    This part of the guide is meant for players entering the cave for the very first time, so feel free to skip through this if this isn't your first rodeo.

    For new players, I suggest you do this along with your 4th job advancement (if you haven't advanced already), since you'll be hunting Manon for a quest drop to enter the Cave of Life, and the advancement quest requires you to hunt for a Heroic Pentagon from the very same boss.

    Edit: Requirements for entering HT cave has been made simpler, you simply need 10 Tough Dragon Skins now so you can ignore the part about needing Manon's Cry, Cornian's Marrow and Cornian's Dagger!

    Step 1
    Talk to Chief Tatamo in Leafre and start the quest for "Moira's whereabouts" .
    Step 2
    After accepting the quest, head to Cave of Life - Entrance where you'll find Moira herself trapped in a cage.
    Talk to her to continue the quest "Moira's whereabouts", and she'll send you away to hunt the following items:

    Step 3
    Cornian's Marrow, Skull Shoulder Pad, and Cornian's Dagger (after refining it with Mos in Leafre) come from Green and Dark cornians, and if you already have a character or a friend with Genesis/Blizzard/Meteor, you'll want to farm these items in the Burning Forest.

    Cornian's marrow simply drops from Green Cornians, but in order to get a Cornian's Dagger, you'll need to look for a busted dagger from Dark Cornian. Once you get that item, head back to Leafre and speak to Mos to refine it with 1 steel and 1 mithril plate.

    As the name suggests, Manon's cry comes from Manon itself. You will find Manon's forest where Manon spawns in Blue Kentaurus Area.
    This part of the quest can be a little tricky because Manon takes up to 1.5 hours to spawn, and killing it yourself is going to be a difficult task especially if you're a magician because of its dispels. Once you're done with this, up next is Tough Dragon Skins.

    You can hunt Tough Dragon Skins from 2 places, either in Leafre or all the way in Sleepywood. Any colored wyverns drop tough dragon skins, and you're able to hunt dragon hearts (to obtain or strengthen your bahamut skill, if you're a bishop). Otherwise, you can head all the way to Sleepywood and hunt for these items from drakes.

    EDIT: Only dark wyverns seem to drop them, so don't waste your time hunting red/blue wyverns!

    Personally, I prefer spending 2 magical seeds (to and fro Leafre and Victoria Island) and hunting them from drakes in Sleepywood because those mobs give Helm Int 60% too.
    But I do have to say the entire time I've went all the way there for tough dragon skins, I only ever gotten 2 of such scrolls so don't get your hopes up.

    Once you're done with all these items, you're ready to head back to Moira to complete the quest and get your dragon elixir, an item used to get you into Cave of Life itself.

    Step 4

    Once you get your dragon elixir, just use it and jump down. You'll be automatically transferred to Cave of Life after a brief conversation with Keroben the Gatekeeper, and you're ready to go on with HTPQ itself!

    Step 1
    Once inside the cave entrance, have the leader talk to "Horntail's Schedule" located at the bottom right of the map and click the only option available:
    After selecting "Yes, I do.", the party will be moved into the next map.

    Step 2
    In the Room of Maze map, clear the mobs and pick up the key (circled red)dropped. Picking up the key allows players to enter the portal at the top right corner of the map (pointed by the red arrow).
    Step 3
    Going through the portal, you'll come across some Dark Cornians. Kill them, and they will drop the key to the 2nd Room of Maze that looks like this: [​IMG]

    Drop this key right here to pass it to the party members waiting outside.

    I actually forgot to take a screenshot for this part (sorry!!) but the players outside can pick up the key from the middle of the map and talk to Stump at the room of maze (also located at the middle of the map just below where the key has spawned). This will unlock the next room of maze for the player inside dealing with these mobs.

    Repeat this process until the last room, and leave the maze with the fifth key to reunite with your party!
    (Second room, red wyverns)
    (Third room, blue wyverns)
    (Fourth room, dark wyverns)
    (Fifth and last room, skeles)
    Leave the 5th room of maze with the key dropped from skeles.

    Step 4
    Once you're back with the party, pass the Red Key to the leader and have him/her talk to Horntail's Schedule located at the right of the map. Clicking the following option will bring the entire party to the cave of choice.

    Step 5
    In the cave of choice, notice that there is a dormant bulb towards the right of the map.
    Hit it just once to give it a glow like this:
    Leaving it to glow while the party leader moves through the portal will bring the party to the Cave of Light, where the treasure is! (talking about liferoots and marks of the squad)

    If the leader enters when the bulb isn't glowing, the party will be transferred to the Cave of Darkness, and you will have to end up restarting HTPQ.

    Step 6
    This is the final stop for your quest items!
    The skelegons/skelesaurs here will drop Life Roots and each marks of the squad.
    After making sure everyone has gotten what they came in for, the leader can approach the Crystal of Roots to leave.
    This will bring the entire party out, so don't leave until you're absolutely sure everyone has what they need!

    Once done, everyone is free to leave the cave unless you're planning to purchase a HTP at the same time. If that is the case, save yourself the trouble of getting another dragon elixir and stay in the cave!

    I hope this guide is informative, and I will appreciate any constructive feedback!
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