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Notice [Feedback Thread] Summer Event 2023

Discussion in 'Events' started by Ariami, Oct 11, 2023.

  1. Ariami

    Ariami Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Aug 26, 2020
    12:17 AM
    Feedback Thread
    Summer Event 2023


    Hello fisherfriends! Our Staff wishes you had the best time catching plenty of fishes! Now that our Summer Event has concluded, we would like to gather feedback from our playerbase!

    In the comments below, feel free to discuss what you liked and disliked about our latest Event.

    If you're not sure where to start, here are some talking points to help you sort out your thoughts:
    • Event Content
      • Fishing
        • Did you enjoy the Fishing mechanic used for this Event?
        • Did you like the new maps added for fishing, or did you prefer fishing in the Free Market like previous Events?
      • Baited or Outsmarted? Quiz
        • Did you enjoy this quiz?
        • Do you think it rewarded a satisfactory amount of Bait Points for the effort required?
      • Roel's Huge Pearl Jump Quest
        • Did you enjoy this Jump Quest?
        • Do you think it rewarded a satisfactory amount of Bait Points for the effort required?
        • Did you appreciate the Leaderboard added to this Jump Quest?
      • Monster Battle PQ (BPQ)
        • Did you enjoy this Party Quest?
        • Do you think it rewarded a satisfactory amount of Bait Points for the effort required?
        • Did you appreciate the Leaderboard added to this Party Quest?
    • Event Currencies and Rewards
      • Bait Points
        • Did you find it easy or hard to earn Bait Points?
        • How did you feel about the number of options to earn Bait Points?
          • Which method did you use the most?
    • Fishing Coins
      • Did you feel like you were able to earn a sufficient amount of Fishing Coins?
      • Were you satisfied with the selection of items to spend your Fishing Coins on?
        • Was there anything you wish you could have spent your Fishing Coins on?
        • Did you have a lot of leftover Fishing Coins by the end of the Event?
    • Blue Fishing Coins
      • Did you enjoy this method of Raffling?
      • Do you prefer the Raffle being repeatable 7 times per week as opposed to 1 time per day?
      • In regards to the Raffle, were there any rewards you were satisfied or unsatisfied with?
    • Miscellaneous
      • Did you enjoy the theme of the Event?
      • Was the Event's duration satisfactory?
      • Were you overall pleased with the Event and its contents?
      • Did you find the Event Post on the Forum informational enough to help you understand the different aspects of the Event?
      • Was there any part of the Event you felt was missing and/or lacking?
    Do note you don't have to only talk about any of the above points.
    We welcome any and all discussion, just make sure you keep things civil!


    Your feedback is greatly appreciated, as they are read through extensively by our Staff and used to create better content for future events and updates.

    Any feedback, positive or negative, is valued by our Staff, and while we cannot implement every suggestion, we always look forward to listening to our player base so that we can improve the server for everyone!

    Thanks for spending your summer with us! We hope you found this Event off the hook!
    Happy Mapling :heart:
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2023
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  2. beegoratto

    beegoratto Zakum

    Sep 22, 2021
    9:17 PM
    Biggest feedback I'd have for this event is doing something about mandatory systems that take hours with no way to make it faster through skill or effort. In previous events Fishing was optional to increase overall point yield. This event it was both mandatory and quite slow. For some players (including myself) that weren't able to play until the last day of the event, this meant a frantic dash to try to both farm bait points and then try to miraculously fit in 4 hours of fishing into 2 hours before reset with no way to speed it up. It would have been nice to have either faster fishing or an alternative instant exchange at reduced rate similar to previous events.

    Other than that, the amount of currencies felt excessive. The Jump Quest was incredibly frustrating with the Neckis but since it wasn't required I didn't have an issue with it. I absolutely loved the event maps and music. Huge fan of the GM buff dishes and I hope to see more of these in future events.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2023
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  3. Krythan

    Krythan Headless Horseman

    Sep 2, 2022
    12:17 AM
    I found this event very charming. There was a blissful simplicity to fishing, accompanied by a lovely soundtrack.

    It's so rare in a game that you're encouraged just to sit back... and do nothing. I found that an interesting change of pace.

    The Baited or Outsmarted Quiz didn't give enough rewards to be worth doing. Even so on mules and low level characters.

    The Roel's Huge Pearl Quest was ok. I'm so, so, so, so very glad this jump quest was not required. The ability to NOT have to do a jump quest was the best feature of this event.

    My #1 issue was the number and variety of currencies was confusing. I feel like many players got confused between the handful of different currencies, be it ice boxes and then bait and/or bait points or fish or regular fish or special fish or other fish objects, or coins or blue coins or yellow coins. I feel like that mechanic decision added a bunch of unnecessary complexity.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2023
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  4. asdsaou

    asdsaou Mushmom

    Oct 10, 2021
    9:17 PM
    I like that there's a weekly limit to BPQ. It doesn't feel like you're missing out if you're not BPQing every day (with a daily limit). It prevents BPQ from feeling like a tedious daily chore.

    That said, if you didn't BPQ on the 1st/2nd day of the week, you had a hard time finding people to BPQ with. People did all their BPQs in a single sitting, and never touched it again that week. That incentivized everyone to do it all at once as everyone else (who you'd party would) is doing it in a 3-4 hour sitting. By the end of it, it doesn't feel that great as 3-4 hours of BPQ is not engaging.

    Here's my recommendation:

    1st solution: limit it to 5 clears per week, but also limit it to 2 clears per day. You're incentivized to BPQ over 3 days of the week, but you're also not incentivized to do it daily.

    2nd solution: Limit the amount of raffle points you could get in a week, but also reward the cosmetic points directly. Once you hit the limit on raffle points, you can continue to BPQ for just cosmetic points, or for pots like the retro pots. That way, you're at least partially rewarded for continuing to BPQ with friends who need to BPQ for the raffle points.

    P.S. Solutions 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive. You can do both.
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  5. Audemars

    Audemars Slime

    Feb 9, 2020
    9:17 PM
    Dogshit event
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  6. lv1crook

    lv1crook Capt. Latanica

    Jan 19, 2021
    9:17 PM
    This event tried a new take on the fishing event, and while I think it had some cool ideas, overall it ended up being average. I didn’t like it better than the previous fishing events as barebones as they were.

    The main problem is that they made the most AFK event into a micromanaging pain in the ass. If you were just in it for raffles it wasn’t so bad since you only needed to go to 2 maps, but for GM buffs you had to switch between 4 maps constantly and keep track of your fish at all times since there is so much RNG factor. This completely ruins the easygoing tradition of the fishing event where you just get to hoe with your friends as you catch fish or AFK and touch grass. You have no control of when you need to switch maps which really sucks.

    I will give credit where it’s due though, I did appreciate the fishing maps themselves with the chill BGM. That part definitely enhanced the feel of the event. I just feel that running around like a headless chicken across 4 maps wasn’t enjoyable. In the future, I would suggest that it’s only required to switch between 2 maps at most, if at all. Still, I hope GM buffs will remain a staple since they make duo grind so much easier in annoying but lucrative spots like 7F.

    As for rewards, they felt a little weak, especially in the APR department. I know Anniversary always gives a ton of APRs, but being only able to farm 21 as opposed to anni where you could farm 90 (60 from tower 30 from puff daddy iirc) is too significant a gap. I feel like there should at least be like 10 aprs farmable a week, or 30 total. I won’t comment on the raffle because I basically only got melon pops and rare gach from the 30 or so I did so I assume I just got bad luck on that front. At least there was an extra week of double vote so that basically makes up for it.

    As far as BPQ goes, I will say allowing all runs at the start of the week sort of kills the demand for it after a few days. However, I don’t think it should be made into a daily occurrence either. Maybe a happy middle ground can be found where you’re only allowed 3 runs a day or something to make the recruitment scene more healthy. Also, it would be cool if they eventually add something new to the end of BPQ one of these years.

    Don’t really have anything else to say about the event as the rest is basically rehashed from previous years. Overall, I think there is definitely potential to improve upon what was introduced this year and make a better event. But in its current state I think I actually preferred last 2 years because they were more chill.
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  7. beegoratto

    beegoratto Zakum

    Sep 22, 2021
    9:17 PM
    This is also a great point. The long chain of potential conversions from Monster Drop > Ice Box > Bait Points > Bait > Fish > Blue Coin > Rare Gacha Ticket > Reward was pretty hilarious but also possibly not a great experience for a new player.

    It was also horrible for inventory space.
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  8. iPippy

    iPippy Nightshadow

    May 19, 2019
    12:17 AM
    I'll keep it as brief as the time I spent on the event. Overall I was much less into it. The way to benefit from this event was to spend like an hour/week stuffing as many mules into BPQ as you own and then leave them all in the fish map to mine fishcoin. Especially coming off of anniversary event's tower (which rewarded active engagement with the event per character), an event as industrialized as BPQ simply leaves a poor taste, and is likewise impossible to balance incentives among a casual and competitive playerbase. Two steps back of an event from me.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2023
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  9. Sloppy

    Sloppy Horny Mushroom

    Apr 15, 2018
    12:17 AM
    White Knight
    It was very nice having PQs give bait points, which encouraged people to use their PQ mules which made finding parties significantly easier during this event than normal. Personally I didn't think all the conversions were confusing after going through it but I could definitely see how some people might. Normally like JQs but I wasn't a particular fan of this one as it felt very frustrating and didn't seem worth it imo. Was very nice having multiple avenues of getting bait points and felt easy for lower levels to rack them up.

    I don't normally leave maple running when I'm not playing so I found the amount of time needed to catch fish kind of annoying personally but that's probably not and issue for most players. Overall thought it was a good event.
  10. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Horntail

    Jun 16, 2021
    Rio grande do Sul - BR
    1:17 AM
    I liked being able to do everything for the event in one day (same as the last one), so I only took one day a week to do the event things

    I did the event on several chars, at 120 it was very easy going to Levi at bpq, at lv 5-9x I already felt a little lacking in something to complete the jump quest? well,
    I didn't farm on these characters other than the jump quest (and I raised my IL on vikerolas, but as it was lv 5-6x there were few kills per hour) so it dropped few boxes.

    I really liked the idea of dishes, I raised several chars using it, and fishing on different maps was certainly really cool

    ((in the last event you could do 30 raffles a week, in this 7th, I missed greater luck, but it's really personal kekw))
  11. Bella

    Bella Mixed Golem

    Nov 7, 2015
    2:17 PM
    F/P Arch Mage
    Thanks for a lovely event guys! Overall, I really enjoyed it. Here are some points that I think could be improved upon next time:

    • Too many currencies! Bait Points > Bait > Fish > Coins > Rewards.
    • Boss PQ weekly cap should have been on points earned rather than entries. Low level characters or non-attacking characters were at a significant disadvantage regarding the amount of weekly BP they could accumulate from BPQ. Capping entries at 5 runs per week meant that high level characters were able to clear the entire thing netting themselves 200 points a clear or 1000 points total, while little low level characters struggled to get very far. For new players and players who just don't have high level chars, this felt disappointing. A better option would have been to allow users to rack up 1000 points a week, whether that takes 5 entries or 15 entries - give all players the same point cap potential.
    • Event activities were not all in a universal NPC. Having to travel to Florina was tedious - and also meant islanders could not participate in the JQ.
    • Speaking of islanders - this event felt really bad for the island. Not sure why islanders weren't just given access to Cassandra. No access to the JQ or BPQ meant the only means for points were the daily quiz and ice boxes (which give next to nothing, and don't always award points). In comparison to the anniversary event, which felt very inclusive - the summer event was sub-par. I find some of the decisions really odd - surely the effort involved in setting up a localized fishing hole for the island would have taken more work than simply giving them Cassandra.

    That's it! All-in-all I really enjoyed the event (off maple island, anyway). Thanks again! Appreciate the hard work!
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  12. akashsky

    akashsky Horntail

    Jun 10, 2017
    United States
    9:17 PM
    My favorite part of the event was how there was a way for all types of players to participate ( Farmers, PQers, bossers, Jump questers, etc).

    What i didn't like was the complexity in how you would ultimately convert the currency into a raffle / event reward.

    Overall, I think this was a great event.
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  13. Higuma

    Higuma Red Snail

    Sep 29, 2023
    9:17 PM
    I enjoyed the event!

    The introduction and rewards were clearly communicated, and the rewards themselves were non-disruptive to the wider market. One caveat would be that opening the ice boxes means that my use tab would be filled up involuntarily. I was hesitant to sell the sundaes, so I ended up making more mules (on top of ones to hold random gach-scrolls). Instead of ice boxes, maybe loot an 'event token' (a visible etc item), that you can then go and exchange at an 'ice cream stand' for sundaes, popsicles, etc., and also fishing baits. The semi-afk fishing was also a nice concept, involving the variety of fishes needed for GM buffs and raffles / APR, while cosmetics were not discriminatory.

    A warm thanks to the staff for making the event. It's been fun. :giggle:
  14. Asanagi

    Asanagi Chronos

    Sep 16, 2022
    4:17 PM
    Just going over the things I actually did since I DESPISE jump quests and never made made it to BPQ

    Fishing :star:
    The fishing was alright, I disliked how long it took to use up bait. Not a fan of afk events.

    Bait Points :candy:
    I earned the majority of my bait points through PQs while leveling so I can say that was pretty fair.

    Ice chests could've been buffed to 10 points instead of 5 since its 2 points = 1 bait.

    Fishing Coins :coin:

    Much coin, Yes Yes.

    Being able to spend coins on something other then cosmetics would've been nice, Maybe having un-tradable potions?

    I ended up having 4k+ extra coins which I spent on unlocking the hair/faces I'll probably never use.

    Blue Fishing Coins :pepe:
    If the fishing requirement was an attempt to curb mules it kind of failed. (Multi-Client/BPQ Carry)

    Kill 100 mobs is a lot more straight forward then, aight time to afk for 1h changing maps every 20m.

    If you do return to the 100 mobs for the next event, NO FLYING MOBS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

    7x A week was fine, I would've made the last week a double raffle 14x so people could splurge left over resources, and month long raffle yes yes.

    I only did the 120+ Raffle once, but lower level raffle had too much crap like sunblock, duck tubes, and 1 minute attack pots :poop: What's a noob gonna do with this crap?

    Also having to choose between Raffle & APR felt like a low blow. Even though I'm not an hp washer I think that was pretty lame.

    Miscellaneous :lollipop:
    Event theme = Good
    Duration = 1 Week extra next time?
    Event was fun, very accessible compared to the anniversary event. (No forced PQs/Custom content)
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2023
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  15. AymShade

    AymShade Blue Snail

    Sep 8, 2023
    12:17 AM
    I just started ML shortly before this event, so I have no others to compare it with. Skipped the quiz, JQ, and PQ to grind. I prioritized hoarding watermelons.

    The fishing maps were so pretty! Fishing was a nice break. Very slow though.

    Currency conversions felt tedious.

    Bait points were easy enough to earn. I had some points left over because I didn't know what to spend them on. The potions were super useful as a new player.

    The raffle only gave me more potions and lifeguard savers, but I enjoyed the thrill of trying ('-')"

    Very nice event overall, thank you (*-*)
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  16. dr0p

    dr0p Slime

    Jul 24, 2023
    12:17 PM
    I/L Arch Mage
    I'm pretty new to ML and this was the first event I participated in, had a blast :)
    Not as much constructive criticism as the other posters in this thread, but I really enjoyed the event and was sad when it ended~
    This was the most communal ML has felt for me, with players of all levels grouping together in the fishing maps + BPQ map, and was a whole lot of fun. Fishing maps had a great diverse designs while still remaining consistent with the cute and sunny aesthetic of the event overall.
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  17. Cabbagehead

    Cabbagehead Orange Mushroom

    Nov 10, 2021
    12:17 PM
    :tick: = What I liked
    :cross: = What I disliked or think could be improved

    :tick: The new fishing maps are all pretty and attracting
    :cross: The fish types could be reduced so players don't have to keep switching maps (I'd love to stay at Spiriting Fishin' Hold for the whole day)
    :cross: Wish there were an option to directly exchange bait into yellow fishing coins, with a lower rate compared to actually fishing

    Quiz, Jump Quest & BPQ
    :tick: More options to earn points are always welcome
    :tick: Some questions in the quiz caught me off guard, nice
    :cross: BPQ could've been capped on points instead of entries to give incentive to try more. I think this would make more people to play BPQ through out the week, so it'd be easier to find a party later

    Event Currencies & Rewards
    :tick: Event chairs are lovely
    :cross: The currencies conversion is kinda confusing, had to look up other's guide to understand what's going on
    :cross: Points earned from ice boxes could be more since it's not 100% to get points
    :cross: I think AP Resets could've been exchanged with yellow fishing coins given a different exchange rate and limitation on how many could be earned maximum instead of blue coins, so it doesn't feel like a competition between raffle and APR.
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  18. Nightz

    Nightz Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Oct 22, 2020
    6:17 AM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Funk & Pasta
    Moderator Post
    BPQ actually had unlimited entries btw, it just wouldn't award additional points after the first 5 BPQ of the week
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  19. Jcrry

    Jcrry Red Snail

    Sep 4, 2023
    7:17 AM
    Great event smilemush but I think the fish ETC took alot of space and you had to trade all of the fish at once to the NPC would been nice to be able to trade different values to the NPC
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  20. beegoratto

    beegoratto Zakum

    Sep 22, 2021
    9:17 PM
    This was a good change btw, could still help friends after finishing. Although the best use of BPQ felt like cramming it full of as many high level mules as you could fit and just soloing, meaning the most common use case was probably just carrying more mules through tbh

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